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Stepping Forward Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Romania. 



Coming to Romania as a missionary intern is an opportunity to see God work  in tangible and practical ways. Internships last from three weeks up to a year. Missionary Interns become a part of the missionary staff with the goal of fulfilling our mission statement. Ministering cross-culturally for a period of time can provide a life changing opportunity for interns to experience living in a foreign country, developing a personal ministry, learning language, raising support, becoming aware of cultural issues, dealing with administrative details, and working on a missionary team.

While serving with Stepping Forward Ministries, interns participate in all missionary staff meetings, share personal testimonies, engage in language learning, participate in culture lessons and excursions, and minister according to their calling. The program is set up for any age participants, for various lengths of time, and allows for all levels of experience. Our main goal for each internship is for participants to grow personally and spiritually through a series of professional and personal challenges during their time of service.

After contacting us and expressing interest in an internship, participants fill out an application and are sent our Intern Manual. After reading through the manual and filling out a consent form, the intern coordinator contacts them directly to discuss their budget, arrangements for transportation & housing, and an appointment to an initial ministry staff position. 


Interns raise their financial and prayer support before coming to Romania. This can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the length of the internship and a person's connections in their community. The Intern Manual offers some direction for support raising, and the staff missionaries are always available for advice and help.


If you are interested in learning more about an internship for yourself, or someone you know, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our program and discuss all the options available including high school and college credit requirements, personal dietary or health limitations, and current ministry needs that you could fill throughout our calendar year.