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Stepping Forward Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Romania. 


Mission Teams

Short-term mission teams are a great, hands-on opportunity to learn a little about what is happening on the mission field. Here at Stepping Forward we offer three different experiences for groups of people as small as two to as large as thirty.


Teams are invited to join us in Bucharest for ministry to children living in orphanages and social apartments. Bucharest teams will spend time learning about Romanian culture, traveling around the city, visiting museums and taking kids on outings. During our scheduled visitation times they can join us in visiting the kids where they live as well.


During the summer we offer teams the opportunity to experience our summer camp ministry. Living and working with the full-time and intern missionary staff at camp is a great team experience. Summer camp teams help with the games, sports, activities, crafts and hikes. They also help with tasks like cleaning, preparations for meals, dishes, or building the campfire. 


Work teams come to camp in the Spring and the Fall to help with the building of the camp. The projects the team will work on are discussed and planned before they arrive so that all their supplies and tools can be ready for them. We are always needing more hands for making concrete, building walls, or staining boards.


If you are interested in putting together a team, contact us. We would love to discuss what options you are interested in. During the summer we can only offer our summer camp experience; but throughout the rest of the year we can put together many different combinations of experiences in Bucharest and at camp.