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Stepping Forward Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Romania. 

Intern Blog

Soarin' Flyin'

steve mather

Sunday_May 29, 2016

Hey there everyone! My name is Ruth Bradham and I am interning with Stepping Forward Ministries for a month of this summer! It isn't quite as long as some of the other sweet souls that will be writing on this intern blog page, but in the time that I've been here, it is evident that there will be a lot of adventures to write about. The plan for my hands and heart is to be in the city of Bucharest, Romania the majority of the time - but, like these past few days, there will be times that I will travel to the camp located in the countryside of Romania. 

I figured that I'd start my blog posts by telling you about the first Jesus lesson that I've learned... which, actually occurred on the flight from Munich, Germany to Bucharest, Romania.

As the airplane started speeding down the runway, I couldn't help but think of the last nine months that this trip and mission had been on my heart. Those nine months seem to have raced by, just as the runway was racing outside of my window on the plane. Every confirmation from the Lord speeding up the time just like every second on the plane sped up it's momentum down the runway. Then came the take off of the plane, which of course reminded me of that exact moment in time. A plane doesn't get off the ground without a few bumps, just like a true mission doesn't get off the ground without a few bumps.

But the amazing thing is that when someone is in control of the flight... or the mission... it makes the take off quite a bit easier than just haphazardly attempting to fly. That was the season I was in on the plane. I was taking off onto a mission that I was still unsure of, but I knew was held in the hands of Someone who knew exactly where I was. I was soarin' headlong into a sky that was uncharted by me... but known intimately by the Creator of it all. The time I had to reflect on that was soon usurped by the plane adjusting to the altitude through its assent. I'll be straight up - I haven't flown a lot, and the adjustment part makes me beyond uncomfortable!! Chills were going down my spine and my stomach felt like it was taking a joy ride through my entire body. My hands were shaking and all gross and sweaty. :P

But. That's when it hit me... when I hit the ground in Romania, I needed to be prepared for some "adjustment to the altitude". The next few days were going to send chills down my spine and my stomach on joy rides. Heck, there would probably be a season of questioning why I was in Romania in the first place with all the discomfort that adjustment brings... but you know, then I realized... planes even out. You reach a time in every flight that the chills slow down and your stomach goes back to where it should be. And it's in those moments that I feel closer than every to my Jesus. All I had to do was trust Him during the "adjustment to the altitude" part of this journey. If I would remember that staying in constant reminder of surrendering in the spirit, not in the flesh, my turbulent feelings would even out eventually. 

I landed in Bucharest on Tuesday the 24th of May with a fellow intern and friend named Maria. I've been in Romania for 5 whole days... and I can say that there was certainly a time of "adjustment to the altitude". But knowing that going in made it so much easier!! I landed in Romania with the prayer of surrender in the spirit... and of course, I'm human, I've had some chills down my spine and my stomach definitely took a joy ride the first time I got on the Metro system in this city! But! I knew it'd even out - because I know my Savior has it all in His hands. 

I would love to end this post with a prayer, so I hope these words resonate in your heart!! 

Hey Jesus, 

It's your daughter speaking. I just want to surrender any future waves of "adjusting to the altitude". You created me to enjoy every moment You give me for soarin' and flyin'. I want to enjoy those moments! I want to see Your face and smile throughout every day I'm here and all the days after I leave. Father, I surrender all control and desires for this mission. I surrender my expectations for how well or not well I'll continue to adjust. I surrender my ability to communicate - because, let's be real, I'm not the best when it comes to languages. I surrender my family and friends who are praying for me back home. I surrender this ministry that I'm interning with and all of those precious people that I've met already! God. None of this really was in my hands to begin with... but I just want to make sure my hands are empty of anything I could be holding. Jesus, my hands are empty. Please give my Your dream.

Day by Day,

Ruth Bradham

P.S. I actually took the picture that's connected to this post - I didn't search for something on Google images. So. Just throwin' that out there.