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Stepping Forward Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Romania. 

Intern Blog

A Month

steve mather

One month. 4.5 weeks. 30 days. 730 hours. 43,829 minutes. 2,629,743 seconds. And 2,629,744. And 2,629,745. That's how long I've been in this amazing country called Romania. It's been one amazing month. 

In this one month out of 12 in this year, I've seen temperatures here in Romania swing from 70 degrees in May to 90+ degrees now, in late June. The grass at camp has gotten greener. The days will start becoming shorter now as summer reaches its peak. Seasons are changing...even over the course of a month. 

This emphasizes how quickly earthly things pass away. That is all in direct contrast with our God. He is unchanging. Think about that for a bit. Unchanging. It can hurt your head after a while, right? 

I think this is because we humans are completely used to change. Sometimes, we crave change. Even in daily life. We buy new clothes every season, even if we don't REALLY need them. We trade in our "old" car for a new one, just because that car is new. It's different. And while a bit a variety is great, for some things there needs to be commitment. Things like marriage. Church membership. Raising children. And perhaps most importantly, a relationship with an unchanging God. Because since He doesn't change, our relationship with Him doesn't need to change. It only needs to grow deeper as we learn from HIm.

The book Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris was my inspiration for this post. I haven't even gotten halfway through it, and I already have a dozen bookmarks on great points. I strongly encourage you to read it, especially if you come from a Christian home and have been in church all your life.

I hope all of you reading this are well!

Love, Maria :)