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Stepping Forward Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Romania. 

Intern Blog

Camp! 7 Weeks!! Of CAMP!!!

steve mather

What a wild, wonderful ride camp was!  As I’ve been looking at all the pictures from camp and posting (finally-almost 5 weeks after camp), I realize how much I miss all these beautiful, precious children!!  Not only did we get to spend time with the ones we minister to on a weekly basis but we also got to meet several from around the country of Romania.  Did I mention how precious they were?!? 

When you wonder how in the world you will survive 7 weeks of a camp for children, God shows up in miraculous ways and gives you WAY more energy than you thought you could ever have!!

God has been preparing me and working on my perseverance for a while because I’m that crazy person that needs and thrives on 9 hours of sleep.  I have been going to youth camps for a while as a sponsor with our church and always wondered if I’d ever make it to the end of the week.  And then the week was over and I thrived! - Or when you need to drive across the US to take kids to camp and you actually make it - Or when God asks you to go on your first mission trip and you give Him every excuse in the books of why you can’t go and yet you do great -   Or have I mentioned moving across the world??  To a cold place, when you don’t like being cold?? And yet you haven’t frozen??  Yup.  There are lots more stories of God’s faithfulness and help.  So here’s the point – GOD can help you with whatever He asks you to do!!!  Camp was no exception! I enjoyed so many different aspects of camp and fell in love with the kiddos, the staff and the wonderful teams that came in to help.  It was truly a blessed summer! Even without sleep!! (for those of you who know me – this is a Huge deal!)  

Spending the week with these kids was something we will treasure in our hearts forever as it was amazing!  Saying goodbye at the end of the week… not so much.  And at the end of camp, I wrote this:

“Today is just hard. The end of camp came swiftly.  When you’re in the midst of camp, there is the anticipation that you will eventually sleep.  And sleep in.  And enjoy sleep.  Seven weeks is a long time at first.  But then…It’s over.  Everyone is crying.  Everyone is trying to somehow stay connected.  We are all hugging each other wishing for more time together.”

The good thing is we have made heart connections with the kids and the staff and plan on keeping in contact with them. The fact that you pray and give, allows us to be the people on the ground to give them the actual hugs and smiles they so desperately need.  And it’s all for the glory of the one who allows us to be here, Jesus Christ, my Help and Reedemer.  Even without sleep.